Please refer to the lease agreement for the terms and conditions prior to vacating a unit.  Signatures from each tenant is required prior to submitting the notice.  Please mail or hand deliver the completed notice form to the main office located at 143 Main Street, Callery, PA 16024.


                Either Landlord or Tenant may end this Lease at the end of the term. Either may do so by giving the other party written notice no less than sixty (60) days before the end of the Lease.  Provided that Tenant gives Landlord a forwarding address in writing, prior to the end of the lease, Landlord will return the Security Deposit to Tenant, minus any necessary deduction(s) within thirty (30) days of vacating the Premises or within thirty (30) days after full term of lease has ended.


If Tenant wants to end this lease and move out of the leased property before the ending date, Tenant must do the following:

  • Tenant will not be allowed to move out of the leased property early under any circumstances during the months of November through February.
  • Tenant must give Landlord a sixty (60) day written notice. This notice will begin on the first day of the month following the date Landlord receives notice.
  • Tenant will pay Landlord rent and other costs due during this sixty (60) day period.
  • Tenant will also pay Landlord a fee equal to one month’s rent as a leasing fee. This fee will be paid when Tenant initially gives Landlord the sixty (60) day advanced written notice.
  • Tenant will pay all rent, advertising, damages, cleaning and any other charges until new tenant moves into the property or the original lease expires.
  • All keys and other items Landlord provided are returned;
  • No damage to the property has occurred beyond normal wear and tear;
  • All personal property has been removed;
  • The entire leased property has been thoroughly cleaned including all appliances;
  • Light fixtures cleaned and bulbs replaced where needed.
  • There are no unpaid late charges or rent remaining due;
  • All utility bills have been paid in full and written proof given to Landlord;
  • Any carpets in unit must be professionally cleaned and written proof given to Landlord.