Duquesne Light Company provides electric service to Hampshire Estates Apartments. Residents are required to start electrical service in their name upon move in. Please contact Duquesne Light Company at 412-393-7100  or visit New Residential Customer | Duquesne Light Company to begin online form.

Emergency Services (Non Emergency Telephone Numbers)

West Deer Township Police Department  724.265.1100

West Deer EMS (Ambulance service)  724.265.4750

West Deer #3 Volunteer Fire Dept (Route 910)  724.443.3351

Earned Income Tax (EIT), Local Services Tax (LST), and Per Capita Tax

The Earned Income Tax is a levy of 1% on all salaries, wages, commission, bonuses, incentive payments, fees and net profits of businesses, professions, and other activities.

The Local Services Tax is most commonly known as the β€œ$2” tax because most employers take $2 from each paycheck. Over the course of the year, this totals $52 per person. This tax is for emergency services, and is also paid to Keystone Collections Group in concert with the EIT.

Every year the Township and the School District together collect a β€œPer Capita Tax.” Every resident 21 years-old and older pays this tax (regardless of employment). The Deer Lakes School District collects the $10.00 Per Capita Tax.

Keystone Collections Group
546 Wendel Road
Irwin, PA 15642
724-978-0300 or 888.328.0565

PSD Code: 710303